Adopt-a-Player (Sarnia Hockey)

HELP…. We have a waiting list of children who will not be able to play hockey this year without your generosity. 

    Sarnia Hockey Association is an association committed to providing the youth of Sarnia an avenue for personal growth and development. Our association is a safe and well-managed hockey program in Ontario providing boys and girls an opportunity to participate and learn the game of hockey while teaching them life skills such as teamwork, discipline, participation, sportsmanship, and most of all, fun. 

    Our Adopt-A-Player program is an important part of our efforts to enrich the hockey experience for kids and their families who do not have the means to provide this opportunity for their son or daughter. 

    Hockey is more than a sport in Canada, it's embedded in who we are as Canadians, and it’s a part of our culture and is rooted strongly at the community level. Your financial support to our Adopt-A-Player program will help to keep our kids on the ice and offset the expense individuals incur. 

   Minor hockey plays a key role in instilling the values of teamwork, commitment, and discipline, and promotes a healthy and active lifestyle from an early age. Quite often the score is not as important as the experience of playing, being with friends and creating memories that last a lifetime. 

    Sarnia Hockey cannot exist without the support of sponsors. Contributions from companies, and/or individuals like you are essential in ensuring our organization's has the ability to provide an excellent environment for all players. 

    For more information regarding our Adopt-A-Player program or if you would like to make a contribution please contact Ted Pendle at 542-6711 or [email protected]

    Hockey is an incredible vehicle for gaining experience in many facets of life. All children should have an opportunity to gain these valuable life lessons. 

    Thank you for supporting Sarnia Hockey’s Adopt-A-Player program.