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Health Information When You Need It

PRIVIT® has developed a cloud-based platform to help individuals, organizations, and companies in the collection, transmission, and storage of health related information. The Privit Platform includes a comprehensive and secure user authorization system, a health questionnaire management system, a health-related document management system, comprehensive reporting, alerts, and notifications. This platform is the foundation for the PRIVIT® solutions: Privit Profile™, Family Health Profile, Student Health Profile, and Employee Health Profile. These solutions are designed to help identify symptoms of health problems, thus improving the quality and safety of health care by empowering individuals to have a greater understanding and involvement in their family’s medical information. We are dedicated to providing easy to use tools for managing personal health profiles, and our online health profile solutions ensure confidentiality in the collection and distribution of your personal health information.

Privit Profile™ is the #1 provider for electronic pre-participation evaluation software on the market today. Privit Profile™ is dedicated to helping athletic trainers, coaches, athletic departments, and other organized athletic programs develop best practices for compliance when it comes to improving the health and safety of your athlete.

Privit Profile™ is a packaged solution designed to help schools and organizations manage their Pre-participation Physical Examination (PPE) process. The goal of a PPE is to promote the health and safety of athletes in training and competition for any sports organization. Privit Profile™ is an online alternative to paper forms, specifically adapted to the PPE process which is used in most high schools, colleges, and universities throughout the United States and Canada.

With Privit Profile™:

  • Student Athletes and/or parents can complete an online comprehensive PPE health questionnaire, print physical PPE forms, and automatically have this information submitted to their schools, coaches, and athletic trainers. Once completed, this information can be used in subsequent years as a baseline to make changes, which greatly reduces the burden and redundancy on the parents.
  • The questionnaires can be configured around an organization’s preferred PPE format, and include ancillary question sets such as the SCAT3 concussion management baseline question set.
  • Schools and Organizations will be able to reduce administration costs by involving the students/parents earlier in the process, and through progress reports. In addition, documents can be shared between students, and staff through the document management portion of the solution, which provides consistency and structure to all involved.
  • Athletic Trainers and coaches can automate their cleared-for-sports process for athletes and maintain digital records of all transactions and status changes.
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