Article VII: Committees, BY-LAW#1 SHA Constitution - May 2021 (Sarnia Hockey)


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Article VII: Committees
There shall be the following standing committees:

7.01 The Executive Committee Shall be composed of the Chair, First Vice Chair, Vice Chair Administration, Vice Chair Representative Teams, Vice Chair Recreational League, and Treasurer.

7.02 Nominating Committee Shall be composed of the Past Chair and such other persons as may be appointed by the Past Chair. The Nominating committee shall prepare a slate of officers to be presented for election at the Annual General Meeting.

7.03 The Coaches’ Selection Committee Shall be composed of the Vice Chair Representative Teams, the A/AA Rep Teams Director, the MD Rep Teams Director and a minimum of two (2) and up to three (3) independent qualified individuals from outside the Association appointed by the Association for that particular year. Independent individuals with children eligible to play on representative teams, applying for a coaching position or with any apparent conflicts of interest cannot be considered for these positions. An honorarium may be considered by the Association to remunerate these individuals for their services. The Coaches’ Selection Committee shall present its recommendations to the Association officers at an in-camera meeting for its approval

7.04 The Board of Reference Committee May be delegated from time to time by the Association to handle matters of discipline or complaint. The Board of Reference shall be composed of three (3) or more Directors to be chaired by either the First Vice Chair or the Past Chair with the other members to be appointed by the First Vice Chair or the Past Chair. This committee shall operate under the guidelines of the HOCKEY CANADA Harassment and Abuse Policy.

7.05 The Audit Committee Two (2) or more Directors appointed annually by the Association. The Audit Committee shall review and sign/initial the monthly financial records of the Association to prove such documents accurately represent the current financial status.

7.06 The Budget Committee Shall be composed of the Treasurer, the Chair, the First Vice Chair, the Vice Chair Administration, the Vice Chair Representative Teams, and the Vice Chair Recreational League and such other Directors as the Treasurer may appoint. The Budget Committee, with input from all Directors who have budgets (i.e. Ice Director, Referee Director, Recreational and Representative Team Equipment Directors), shall establish the Association’s budget

7.07 The Policy and Regulations Committee Shall be chaired by the First Vice Chair and shall consist of the Vice Chair Administration and one (1) or more Directors appointed by the First Vice Chair. This committee shall establish the procedures for the day-to-day operation of the organization with the approval of the Association.

7.08 The Ad-Hoc Committees There may be such Ad-Hoc Committees and for such purposes as the Association may determine from time to time by motion. The existence of each such Ad Hoc Committee shall be terminated automatically upon:

.01 the delivery of its report,
.02 the completion of its assigned task,
.03 a change in the membership of the Association by which it is constituted,
.04 a motion to that effect of the Association by which it was constituted; whichever first occurs.