Article VIII: Execution of Documents and Banking Arrangements, BY-LAW#1 SHA Constitution - May 2021 (Sarnia Hockey)


PrintArticle VIII: Execution of Documents and Banking Arrangements
Article VIII: Execution of Documents and Banking Arrangements

8.01 Cheques, etc All cheques, etc. shall be signed by the officer or officers or person or persons and in the manner from time to time prescribed by the Association.

8.02 Execution of Documents Documents requiring execution by the Association may be signed by the Chair or the First Vice Chair and the Recording Secretary or the Treasurer or any two (2) Directors, and all documents so signed are binding upon the Association without any further authorization or formality. The Association may from time to time appoint any officer or officers or any person or persons on behalf of the Association, either to sign documents generally or sign specific documents.

8.03 Books and Records The Association shall see that all necessary books and records of the Association required by the bylaws of the Association are regularly and properly kept.

8.04 The Association shall designate, by motion, the officers and other persons authorized to transact the banking business of the Association, or any part thereof, with the bank, trust company, or other corporation carrying on a banking business that the Association has designated as the Association’s banker, to have the authority set out in the motion.