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Aug 23, 2020 | Amanda Madere | 3141 views
2020/21 SHA Rep Hockey Update
Hello Hockey Families,

This season will be very different than what we are all used to seeing for rep hockey. With no tryouts, tournaments or regular league play currently permitted, it is not business as usual. We have the opportunity to design and develop something that allows our players to get back out on the ice interacting with teammates, friends & coaches. 

Our primary focus must be on the safe return to the ice. We have a unique opportunity to temporarily shift our focus to skills, development & fun with a little competition sprinkled in. Providing the best possible experience for our participants while adhering to the directives set out by the Ontario Government, OHF, Alliance Hockey & Public Health Authorities is the priority.

As for the Ontario Hockey Federation & Alliance framework we will return to hockey using three different sessions. Participants will be required to re-register for each session. These time frames are designed to make any ‘on the-fly’ adjustments to the structure, logistically easier for change to be affected (move forward or back as the pandemic requires) as well to minimize financial risk for parents and players should the pandemic throw us a curveball.

The 3 sessions will be broken down as follows…. (Registration is expected to open in around Sept 1st)

Session 1 -September 21st through October 31st – 6 weeks 

Session 2 - November 1st through December 31st - 8 weeks

Session 3 - January 1st through March 15th   - 12 weeks 

** Participants will be asked to sign up separately and pay a registration fee for each session (Dollar amount for the first session would be posted at the time of registration opening). Enrollment in session 2 & 3 will be based upon returning participants being given preference and any new registrants will be placed where /when spots become available.

**Rep players are encouraged (if doing ss) to register prior to September 10th.

**SHA plans to provide rep programming at tiered levels of play, specifically T2 & T3.

 T2 would consist of A/AA Seeded players as rostered from their respective teams from the 2019/20 season. T3 would consist of MD players as rostered from their respective teams from the 2019/20 season. T1 consists of players who are designated as playing for Lambton Jr Sting, which is separate from SHA. Unlike other associations (London, Kitchener etc.) who will have other teams from neighboring associations to play within their health units, in Lambton County, we do not. Thus teams focusing on skills, development and 4 on 4 or 3 on 3 play.

COHORTS = (16 skaters & 2 goalies – Minor Peewee / U12 division & above) or (18 skaters & 2 goalies Major Atom/ U11 & Below) 20 Max 

TEAMS = Dividing up Cohorts equally (ex: 8 or 9 skaters & 1 goalie on Team A and 8 or 9 skaters & 1 gaolie on Team B).

LEAGUE = Combination of 2 Cohorts (Maximum of 50)

** Registration numbers could affect actual cohort sizes for each age division. 

.** Rep cohorts will typically receive 3 x 1 hour (50 minutes with flood) ice slots per week, which can be utilized for two skill & development sessions and one inter-squad game.

**Major Atom/ U11 Divisions & Under would be encouraged to play a 3 on 3 for their inter-squad play. Cohorts for these age groups would ideally consist of 18 skaters & 2 goalies divided equally by the coaching staff into Team A and Team B (9 skaters + 1 goalie).

** Minor Peewee/U12 Divisions & Above would be encouraged to play 4 on 4. Cohorts for these age groups would ideally consist of 16 skaters & 2 goalies divided equally by the coaching staff into Team A and Team B (8 skaters + 1 goalie).

** By increasing cohort sizes slightly for U11 and under it allows a few more kids to benefit with extra on ice skill & development as well makes a good balance for 3 on 3 play (9 skaters & 1 goalie per team).

Divisional Breakdown

**2020/21- Novice T2 (U9) and Minor Novice T3 (U8) teams cannot be selected (no tryouts), so they would fall under HL programming, unless we are able to move forward with tryouts.

Novice T1 

** 2020/21 Novice T1 cohort would primarily be assembled using the Minor Novice T3 team from the 2019/20 season. 

Minor Atom/U10 (T1, T2 T3 Cohorts) 

**2020/21 Minor Atom / U10 will have 3 tiered cohorts (No AAA programing at this level to start the 2020/21 season) using the Novice T1, Novice T2 and Novice Select rosters from the 2019/20 season to fill those cohorts. T1 – K Phillipsen, T2 G. Edgar T3 C. Webster.

Major Atom/U11 through Minor Midget/U116 (T2 & T3 Cohorts)

** 2020/21 cohorts for these respective divisions would be filled using rosters from the 2019/20 season (Example: 2019/20 Minor Atom/ U10 A roster would slide into the Major Atom A / U11 cohort 2020/21).

Midget /U18 (T2 Cohort)

** 2020/21 U18 Midget would just run with one Midget A cohort.

** 2019/20 AP players as well those AP’D from HL Select rosters would be used to fill the T2 & T3 cohorts. League directors & convenors will work together forming each cohort to recommended numbers.

** If we are unable to move ahead with tryouts or traditional 5 on 5 rep hockey, we will look to combine two cohorts forming a ‘league’ for game play (cohorts would continue to practice together) with a projected start date of December 1st for inter-league play. Example: Minor Peewee /U12 cohorts would be divided equally into Team A, Team B, Team C, Team D. Each team consisting of 8 skaters and 1 goalie, playing a rotating 4 on 4 game schedule against each other.

** This plan was recently discussed with all of the 2020/21 rep head coaches and was unanimously supported,   understanding that we are ALL trying to make the best out of a less than desirable situation.

We appreciate your support, patience and understanding as we maneuver through the season.

Kind Regards, Sarnia Hockey Association