Sportzheadz FAQs (Sarnia Hockey)


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1. Why is the SportsHeadz Web App important?

This app was developed by the same company that provides our website.  It is inter-locked with our team schedules whether you are playing A/AA, MD or Recreational.  The app allows teams to communicate with a "Chat" function.  It also lets players and guardians inform the team coaches and managers about who to expect (Attendance) and prompts each user to submit a "HEALTH CHECK" prior to attending a team event.  COVID 19 Protocols are in effect and by reporting our attendance and completing our COVID 19 Screening we are helping keep our team, coaches, friends, parents, siblings and every one else as safe as possible.  The app is just one layer of protection in place to ensure we can continue to play hockey all season long.

2a. I have offered to be a "Team Owner" and will be looking after the app for our team.  How do I get access? 

You need to email our Web Admin - Amanda.  She will provide you with a LOGIN and PASSWORD to access the website control panel.  Just tell her who you are, what email address you wish to be contacted by and that you will be your teams "SPORTSHEADZ APP OWNER".  You can EMAIL THE SHA WEB ADMIN to request access.

2b. I am not the strongest with computers or the internet.  How do I get started understanding what to do as a "Team Owner"

Go to the MB Sportsweb / Sportsheadz online support pages HERE .  There are instructions, tutorials and videos to help you with most issues and functions.  If you are really stuck EMAIL TECH SUPPORT FOR HELP

3. How do register for the app?

You can wait for an invite to the team or you can download the app right now from the Apple and Google App Stores for free

4. My player is only 5 years old.  They don't have an email.  How can they report their attendance and health check?

The app can function in multiple ways including "Guardian Control".  This option (when set by the Team Owner) will attach the player to up to (2) specified guardians and their email address.  With this function either guardian can report their and player attendance as well as submit both health checks.  Any of the specified guardians can add and invite additional guardians with the mobile app and their account.

5. My player is 17 and usually drives themselves to hockey.  Do I have to report for them as a guardian?

NO. As long as your player has a device and an email they can look after themselves.

6. I don't have a mobile device.  What can I do?

You can access the healthcheck with this link from your any PC.  Use this LINK TO SPORTSHEADZ HEALTH CHECK

7.  My player's grandparents are visiting from out of town.  Do they need to register?

NO.  Each guardian can "Add a Guest" in their mobile app and submit a "Health Check" for their guest(s)