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Respect in Sport Parent Program**

*RESPECT IN SPORT - PARENT VERSION (the Coach RIS Program does not satisfy this requirement)**
The Alliance now requires that a parent or guardian from each household complete the online Respect In Sport Parent Program. This applies to all players born in 2004 or later (2004, 2005, 2006, and so on). When registering for the online course your certification will be linked to your child(ren)'s Hockey Canada profile(s).  You will receive a RIS Registration Number upon completing the course.

One parent per family must complete the Parent Respect in Sport Module before your player may participate in our and any Alliance Hockey program

Cost to complete is $12 and takes approximately 1 hour (may be done in segments).  Note: keep a record of your RIS Registration Number.


The following is the process by which the Respect in Sport – Parent Program, connects with the player profile in the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR).

When a parent/guardian initially registers for the Respect in Sport – Parent Program, one of the steps requires the parent to complete a “Child Management Page”. This is a critical step to the process, as it is through the information supplied on this page that the Parent Program connects with the player profile in the HCR.

On the Child Management Page, the parent includes the child’s name and date of birth. They are asked to enter this information in the same format as how their child is shown in the HCR. The two systems then “connect”, and a search is done of the HCR. If a matching name and date of birth is found in the HCR, the connection has been made. If no matching name and date of birth has been found, then a new record is generated for the player in the HCR, upon certification (at the time the parent completes the program).

Registrars are able to see who has completed the Parent Program by reviewing a team roster, where each player’s profile will show whether they have a parent certified in the Parent Program.

Please click HERE to take the online Respect in Sport - Parent Program

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