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The Recreational Stream

The Recreational program consists of different components


Hockey Initiation Program (U6)

This is for 4 and 5 year old players. To be part of the program you must be as young as 4 or as old as 5 in the year that the season starts. (E.g. for the 2021/22 season you would have to be born in 2016 or 2017).  This program offers 1 (one) hour of ice time each week and focuses on basic hockey skill development.

U7 - U21 Recreational Hockey

This is a basic recreational league which starts at age 6 for U7 (Modified-Ice) then 8 and 9 year old for U9 (Modified/Full-Ice).  These programs offer 2 (two) hours of ice time a week and focus on basic hockey skill development, individual skill development leading into team skill development. The U9 program progresses from Modified-Ice to Full-Ice approximately half way through the season. 

Our U11 and U13 programs also offer 2 (two) hours of ice a week.  One hour a week will be spent practicing with your team while the second hour will consist of a game against another team in your division.  U11 and U13 focus on skill development both at the individual and team level as well as learning the basics of the game of hockey. 

Our U15, U16, U18 and U21 programs are an opportunity for players of this age to enjoy the sport. 

U15 offers 2 (two) hours of ice a week.  For the first portion of the season that time consists of a one hour practice with their team and a one hour game against a team in their division.  At about the halfway point, the one hour practice becomes another game allowing these players to play 2 games a week against another team in their division.

The U16, U18 and U21 Divisions are mixed together to form a fun atmosphere for players to enjoy the game and comradery with their team mates and opponents.  This division receives 1 (one) hour of ice time a week for a game against another team in their division.

Select Hockey

This is in addition (at additional cost) to the Recreational Program.  This becomes a travel hockey team that can play extra exhibition games and tournaments throughout the year.  This team is picked via a tryout process.  It would consist of 17-18 players (including goalies).  Players on a Select team must still be loyal to their Recreational Team first.

The additional fees cover extra ice times, referees, timekeepers and other various team expenses. Individual Teams may request additional Fees from each Player for the Team fund; this amount will depend on Team Fundraising Activities, and is used to cover Tournaments, Extra Ice and other Hockey Development Programs that are implemented.

Select Teams are limited to the number of exhibition games they can play during the season and can participate in a limited amount of tournaments. These limits are set by the Alliance Hockey and SHA.

The Select Program is designed to augment the Recreational Program for the players selected and therefore players must be registered and play on a current Recreational team within their age appropriate division.

The Representative (Rep) Hockey Stream

Representative (Rep) Hockey is the highest level of hockey that can be played within SHA.  SHA is an A/AA seeded centre with 2 divisions within the rep program A/AA and MD.  Rep Hockey consists of home and away (travel) games, development program for goaltenders and players, tournaments and play-offs. 

The Rep team is selected by annual tryout in which players must register with SHA to be eligible to participate in tryouts.

The A/AA League is offered in divisions U10 - U18.  These divisions provide continued hockey development, travel and tournaments.

Minor Development (MD) League is offered in divisions U8 - U16.  These divisions provide continued hockey development, travel and tournaments.

If a player is signed to an A/AA or MD team, additional costs are required.  These costs cover additional ice times, developmental programs and other various team expenses.

Representative Hockey is a great way to build a young player’s skill level, work ethic and team work while creating new friendships and having fun!

Note: Body contact is added to the A/AA program starting with the U14 year.  There is NO body contact in the MD program.