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    Created: Jun 15, 2012 9:01 PM, Updated: Aug 09, 2023 7:57 AM
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    2015-2016 OHF Minimum Suspension List
    The list shows minimum suspensions that shall be imposed for infractions, which occur in all OHF exhibition, league, and play-off games, during the current playing season for Minor Hockey. Note that these suspensions are over and above any imposed by Hockey Canada rules. These are minimum suspensions. Additional suspensions will be imposed wherever conditions and circumstance warrant. It is the responsibility of each team manager and / or coach to ensure their players sit out their appropriate suspensions. When in doubt as to the relevant suspension, contact the association office. If unable to contact the league office, sit player(s) in question out until clarification can be obtained. These suspensions are in addition to game incurred. Match Penalty reports will be forwarded to the appropriate Member Partner for further review.
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    Sarnia Hockey Association Referee and Timekeeper Application
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    Local Residential Move Form
    This form is to be filled out when a player moves within the Alliance Zone
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    OHF Residential Move Form
    This form is to be used when a player is moving out of Sarnia to another Centre. It is to be completed and returned with supporting documentation to the Registrar. This form is also used when moving into Sarnia from another Centre. It is to be completed and returned along with the supporting documentation to the Centre in which the player is moving from.
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    Alliance Criminal Offence Declaration (CODF) - Printable
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    Final Days 2022 - Rules&Gameflow
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    Sarnia Hockey Game Sheet-Recreational
    2022-23 Sarnia Hockey Game Sheet for use in all Recreational Games - U9 to U21
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    Hockey Canada Injury Report
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    CODF SHA Volunteer Form
    This is the Criminal Offence Declaration Form to be filled out by some volunteers (when required) of the SHA.
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    2023-24 House League Select Coaching Application
    2023-24 House League Select Coaching Application
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