This U15 Division Director will act as the league convener for our U15 League Program. Without a director in place to complete tasks such as coach recruitment & team formation we may risk some delays in execution or reductions in our program.  Once the season kicks off, we ask our conveners to oversee their leagues, make adjustments, (to keep things fair and fun) and participate in the problem-solving process as issues arise.  

Position Overview

-Oversee the formation of teams within and the operation of the each House League division as well as appoint coaches for each team within the division
e responsible to draw up the schedule and balance the teams within the division;
ave the authority to enforce the bylaws, Policies and Regulations of the Association and in that regard shall have the power to suspend a coach or player until the next association meeting
-Attempt to resolve any disputes regarding players, parents or team officials
ork with the Vice President Recreational, failing which the matter be referred to the Association

Activities and Responsibilities:

Regularly attend executive meetings

-Become familiar with Sarnia Hockey Associations Constitution, Policies, Procedures and Regulations
-Understand of responsibilities and duties of the House League Directors position.

-The number of teams per division is estimated for budgetary reasons. Any changes to the number of teams arrived at is decided by the board prior to the season start.=
-An estimate of the required number of teams may be arrived at by dividing the number of players registered by the maximum of 17 players per team but no less than 13 players.
-Identify all volunteer bench staff; they must have the certification for coach or a trainer to qualify. There must be a coach and a trainer per team.
-Identify coaches who request to work together and pair them up, unless there are not enough coaches in which case they may be placed on separate teams
-All bench staff must complete the Respect in Sports Coach Module
-The vice chair of house league (registrar) will do their best recruit qualified individuals to fill bench staff positions were necessary.
-All volunteers must submit a valid police check (every three years) and followed up with a Criminal Offence Declaration Form (CODF) that also must be completed annually prior to Nov 30th.
-Obtain list of all eligible (registered) players from the vice chair of house league and or registrar for your division
-Identify any player’s special requests come time for your team selecting process.
-Identify all goalies to ensure there is at least one per team. Notify the vice chair of house league to recruit additional goalies if necessary.
-If possible hand out division schedule, game sheets and pucks.
-Co-ordinate the delivery of jerseys with the house league equipment director before their first game and notify coaches to collect the jerseys until after player movement is done. Then and only then are the players allowed to keep the jerseys.

September - Draft Meeting
Set up a draft meeting for coaching staff (maximum of two per team).
-The rating previously assigned to each player will help in drafting teams fairly. The previous season’s director or coaches may be able to assist in providing ratings.
-Provide HL Director contact information i.e. email and any contact numbers
-Collect coaches contact information
-Note any players request during the draft process.
-A “blind” draft may be conducted – proposed procedure:
-Coaches blindly pick their team number by usingpieces of paper with a team number on it and placed upside down on the table and have them each pick one. The draft goes in order of team #1, #2, #3, #4, #4, #3, #2, #1 and so on until all players are drafted.
-Coaches pick a player card that has the players rating, position and birth year facing up (players name & contact information is on the underside thus making it a “blind” draft). Place all the forwards (player cards) on a table first from the highest rated (older) players down to the lowest rated players (A’s to D’s category). Each coach will draft the highest available player in each round. Once the forward players are drafted then all the defensemen (player cards) are placed in the same fashion.
-The goalies are picked last making these teams comparably balanced.
-In the event that a coach has a son or daughter playing then their child’s player card would be facing upward to expose their name. The coach is able to pick them in their rated category (A, B, C, and D) thus making the draft as fair as possible.
-If all coaches are satisfied with the draft, they are then allowed to trade players using the player cards. Once all movement is completed, the cards are collected by the HL director. The cards represent the team rosters.
-After the draft make a sheet that includes the team number, names of the bench staff and their contact info for each team (on one sheet) and hand that out to each coach in case they need to contact each other. Keep one for your files.

Early Season
-Attend as many games as you can early in the season to evaluate the teams so if balancing is needed you will be able to make that decision. Again any player movement must be done before Nov 15th.
-Once the teams are finally established make a copy of the players’ names and phone numbers from each team (on one sheet if possible) and provide all the coaches with a copy and be sure to keep a copy for your files.
-Coaches from time to time may require a goalie so you can either let them contact the goalie themselves or if you choose they will need to contact you first for approval.
-Players are not allowed to play for any other team during the season unless it is for a tournament and with your approval.
-A travel permit and an official team roster will be required for any team participating in a tournament.

Additional Information
The schedule may need to be slightly adjusted due to double header games.
-To allow enough time to make hotel arrangement it will be your playoff Champions who will attend the Provincials in April. (Date T.B.A.)
-The available schedule format consists of a pre- season, a regular season and a playoff season along with a final day championship game.
-Game length are going to be 3 minute warm up with three 15 minute run time periods for Novice to Bantam divisions.
-The Midget division is going to have one 20 minute run time with two 20 minute stop time periods.
-You can designate how you want to have your game sheets collected. The shelves in the equipment room have all the divisions and are your best choice for the coaches to leave your copies (top & bottom copies of the game sheets) if you are not in attendance for the games. You must collect and keep all your copies of the game sheets for the entire season.
-Always review each and every game sheet before the next scheduled games to determine if any Game Misconducts (GM), Match Penalties (MP) or Gross Misconducts (GRM) has been handed out to the player(s) or bench staff. Then refer that code to the Alliance suspension list for the number of suspended games to be served. Make a suspension sheet for your files. In the header include columns for the players name, team number, infraction code, number of games, infraction date and the date the player can return.
-Keep team standings and player stats up to date at least once a week on the Sarnia Hockey Associations web site. If possible submit a game report to the local media for Sarnia Hockey Association and sponsorship exposure.

What is the ask?

-Most Sarnia Hockey Directors experience about 4-6 Hrs of work per week to get the season going (Aug, Sep & Oct) which then drops off to about 1-2 hrs work for the remainder of the season
Directors are members of the SHA Board of Directors and hold all voting privileges.  Directors are welcome to attend as  many or as few meetings as they wish.  Sarnia Hockey holds regular meetings 2 times per month, scheduled on the first  Tuesday and third Wednesday
Oversee the hockey activity of approx. 150 youth and provide administrative assistance to about 35 adult volunteers
In Depth hockey knowledge is an asset but not required – this role is 75% Adminstration/25% Operations
Intermediate computer & communication skills are an asset
You can use this link to review the SHA Policy for Rights & Responsibilities of Board Members

If this role is of interest to you please contact our Chair and Past President for nomination.  Paul Walsh and Wayne Scarrow can be contacted at [email protected][email protected]. As a reminder this is a volunteer position that assists with promotion of a community activity.

We appreciate any consideration you make in helping us fulfill this role.

Thank you,

SHA Executive and Board of Directors