Reporting of Sexual Assault/Bullying/Abuse/Harassment/Discrimination (Sarnia Hockey)


PrintReporting of Sexual Assault/Bullying/Abuse/Harassment/Discrimination

ALLIANCE Bullying, Abuse and Harassment Reporting

All hockey related maltreatment, sexual violence, harassment, abuse or discrimination complaints by someone affiliated with Hockey Canada MUST be submitted to the ITP via the Safe Sport link on the Sarnia Hockey/ALLIANCE Hockey/Hockey Canada homepages. 

For all other complaints, an ALLIANCE Hockey form entitled "ALLIANCE Hockey Incident/Violation Report Form", has been developed.  When an individual lodges a complaint at the local association level, a form must be filled out and submitted to the local association who will deal with the matter.  A copy of the form must be filed with ALLIANCE Hockey.  Local Associations are not to accept e-mails or other methods of communication to deal with the complaint.

For further information or access to the ALLIANCE Hockey Incident/Violation Report Form, please contact:

Paul Walsh
Chairperson - Sarnia Hockey Association
[email protected]


Barb Walsh
Vice-Chair Administration - Sarnia Hockey Association
[email protected]