FAQs (Sarnia Hockey)





Here is a breakdown of each division by birth year:


Instructional         2014/15

IP6                       2013

Minor Novice         2012

Major Novice         2011

Atom                    2009/10

Peewee                 2007/08

Bantam                2005/06

Midget                  2002/03/04

Juvenile               1999/2000/01


The 2019/20 House League Season is scheduled to begin the week of September 23rd.  Coaches should be in contact with players/parents by September 20th.  Our Ice Schedule will be posted prior to your players first practice and it will reflect your players practice and game times.  Ice times may change so please check the website regularly for updates.


Questions regarding your players team?  Please direct these to your Coach. 

Questions regarding your players division? Please contact your Division Director 
Questions regarding the House League program? Please contact the Vice Chair of House League, Kevin Taylor

Questions regarding the MD Program?  Please contact the MD Director, Chad Cormier

Questions regarding the A/AA Program?  Please contact the A/AA Director, Mark Stack

Questions regarding the Representative Hockey Program?  Please contact the Vice Chair of Representative Hockey, Shawn Antosiak



Player Equipment:

·         CSA Approved Hockey Helmet with a CSA Approved hockey facial protector (full face mask) and chin strap attached

·         BNQ Approved neck guard

·         Shoulder Pads

·         Elbow Pads

·         Hockey Gloves

·         Jock Strap/Jill Strap/Athletic Supporter

·         Hockey Pants

·         Shin Pads

·         Hockey Skates

·         Ice Hockey Stick
Mouth guards are recommended but optional


Goalie Equipment:

·         CSA Approved Hockey Helmet with a CSA Approved hockey facial protector (full face mask) and chin strap attached

·         BNQ Approved neck guard

·         Throat Protector recommended but optional

·         Upper Body Pads

·         Elbow Pads

·         Catcher Glove

·         Blocker Glove

·         Jock Strap/Jill Strap/Athletic Supporter

·         Hockey Pants

·         Goalie Pads

·         Hockey Skates

·         Goalie Stick
Mouth guards are recommended but optional



Any player wishing to register with Sarnia Hockey Association must do so using the Hockey Canada registration module which will be accessible from the website around June 1.  At that time, click on the Registration link on our website's main page.  This will take you to our registration information webpage.  Please take the time to read the information before clicking on the link to the Hockey Canada registration module at the bottom of the page. Once you have reached the Hockey Canada registration module, follow the instructions there to register.  Once registered, please take a moment to read the Respect In Sport page on our website.  This is a mandatory course that must be completed by 1 parent/guardian from each players household.


If you are having trouble registering, please contact the Registrar.



Registration may be paid for by credit card, cheque, money order or E-transfer. 


When paying via E-transfer, please select the Money Order option.  Please send the funds to [email protected].  Please ensure that your players name and date of birth are in the memo portion as without this information, we will not know who to apply the payment to.  Also, please ensure the password/answer is hockey  


Post-dated cheques are still an option - simply select 'Cheque' as your method of payment in the Registration module and mail three cheques payable to Sarnia Hockey Association - Dated: JUNE 20th, JULY 20th, and AUGUST 20th along with a copy of your invoice to:


Sarnia Hockey Association,

303 Edgewood St.,


N7S 5S1



Players moving within the Sarnia Hockey Association Zone are required to complete a Local Residential Move Form and submit it to the Registrar at the time of the move.  Players who do not complete this form, will not be rostered with their team until it is completed.


Players moving into the Sarnia Hockey Association Zone from another Zone within Ontario, need to contact their home centre to complete the necessary paperwork needed to transfer their player.  If you need assistance, please contact our registrar.


Players moving out of the Sarnia Hockey Association Zone are required to complete an OHF Residential Move Form.  This form along with all required supporting documentation must be submitted to the Sarnia Registrar prior to or at the time of move.  Once submitted, a transfer will be initiated for your player to move to their new centre.  Transfers can take between 7-21 business days to complete. 


Players moving to Sarnia from another Province or the USA need to contact the registrar for assistance with their transfer.

Please note that your player will not be given a 'release'  You must complete one of the above mentioned transfers


The current Registrar:


Lesley Smith-Taylor

[email protected]





All refunds will be dealt with by both the Treasurer and Registrar on a case by case bases. 

All refunds will be subject to a Sarnia Hockey Association Processing Fee*.

*this processing fee is subject to change and will be decided by the Treasurer based on current banking fees*

All refunds requested after the season has begun or after the player has participated in an evaluation skate or other ice activity (excluding tryout skates) will be subject to a Hockey Canada Insurance Surcharge**.

**this surcharge is subject to change based on the Insurance rates set out by Hockey Canada for the season in question**

Refunds requested once the season has begun will also be subject to a fee reduction based on how many weeks into the season we are.  This reduction will be calculated by the Treasurer and Registrar and based on the Basic Registration rate and 25 weeks of hockey. 

Refunds may be subject to a Jersey Surcharge.


Representative Players refunds may be subject to a team fee assessment.  This decision will be made by the Treasurer and Vice Chair of Representative Hockey.

If registration was paid by credit card, refunds will be processed back to the credit card used at the time of registration.  This process takes 3-7 business days.

If registration was paid by cheque, money order or E-transfer, a refund cheque will be issued to the name on the invoice for the current season and mailed to the address*** on that invoice.

***in the event that you have moved and not previously notified Sarnia Hockey Association of said move, you will be subject to a $25 stop payment and cheque reissue fee***