Criminal Record Check (CRC)/Vunerable Sector Screening (VSS) (Sarnia Hockey)

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Attention all prospective coaches, assistants, managers, trainers, on-ice helpers etc, the Alliance Criminal Offence Declaration Form (CODF) is contained in the Alliance Hockey Harassment, Abuse & Misconduct Policies & Procedures, July 2014.

As per Section 5.9.1 of this policy, all team officials including Coach, Asst Coach, Manager, Trainer or on-ice helper (both Rep & House League) must initially complete a Criminal Record Check (CRC)/Vunerable Sector Screening (VSS).  After that, a Criminal Record Check must be completed every 3 years.  In addition, a Criminal Offence Declaration Form (CODF) must be completed annually.  This information will be tracked by Sarnia Hockey through the Hockey Canada Registry database.  The CODF is available in Appendix I, page 39 through the following link:

Alliance Hockey Harassment Abuse and Misconduct Policies and Procedures, July 2014

Click CODF to access a printable version of the Criminal Offence Declaration Form

Successful coaching applicants may access the appropriate Criminal Record Check Introductory letter below. The letter will serve as the required proof that the police check is being asked for on behalf of SHA and that the applicant is a recognized volunteer.  As a volunteer the cost is substantially less than for an member of the public.

 Sarnia Police Criminal Record Check Introductory Letter - For a copy of the letter indicating a volunteer application (for police discount rate) contact one of the following:  Paul Walsh, Shawn Antosiak, Chad Cormier, Kevin Taylor or Wayne Scarrow.
Please Note - two pieces of identification are now required - a
cceptable forms of identification are:

Ontario Photo Card

Driver's Licence

Birth Certificate

Military ID



Immigration Card

BYID/Age of Majority Card

Hunting Licence

Fishing Licence

FAC Card

Boaters/Outdoors Card

Blood Donor Card

Indian Status Card

Student Travel VISA

Smart Serve


Ontario Health Card, Social Insurance Card and Student Cards are not acceptable forms of identification for Criminal Record Checks.  Proof of Residency in Sarnia is also required, e.g. address on Driver's Licence, mail with applicant's name and address from a bank or utility company.

Click OPP Introductory Letter for Vulnerable Persons Screening Check with PSOD and contact phone number
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