5.00.05: Team Equipment, 5.00: League Operations Guide, Recreational Operations (Sarnia Hockey)


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 Sarnia Hockey Association provides each player on a Recreational team with a game jersey & socks which they keep at the end of the season.   Player names may be attached to the jersey under SHA Policy 4.03.01.  Captains & Alternate Letters may be attached under SHA Policy 4.03.02.  Player’s complete last names must be used, nick names or shortened versions are not permitted.

Recreational teams are provided pucks & pylons prior to their first practice of the season. Team lockers are provided in the equipment room at Clearwater Arena.  Each team is issued a unique lock and key to the team locker.  First aid kits are not issued to Recreational Teams.  If a team determines they require a first aid kit, it is recommended the team collect the required funds equally from all players and supply their own.

Goalie equipment is provided to all teams U11 and below.  Cross Ice Teams are issued and hold 2 sets of Goalie Equipment.

 Only SHA officials (not parents or players) are allowed in equipment storage areas.  Lockers and equipment storage areas are to be always kept neat and clean.  All SHA equipment, including the lock and key, must be returned in full within two (2) weeks of the team's final game (including pucks, pylons, and any other item issued to the team) or as otherwise determined by the SHA Recreational Equipment Director. 

SHA Recreational Leagues do not use electronic game sheet or iPads.  Paper game sheets are available in the equipment room in the league mail boxes.  There is also a printable version available on the website >CLICK HERE

Teams are responsible to replace any lost or significantly damaged items.