4.00.04: Bench Staff Expectations, 4.00: Philosophy, Recreational Operations (Sarnia Hockey)


Print4.00.04: Bench Staff Expectations


  1. Work with the Division Director to create a successful hockey season for everyone
  2. Follow the rules and regulations of Hockey Canada, The Alliance, and SHA
  3. Protect the property and facilities of the City of Sarnia and SHA as if it were your own.  SHA property is communal and belongs to all members past, present & future
  4. Represent SHA with the highest standard at home and away
  5. Respect your adversary, work with other coaches give every team opportunities to succeed
  6. Ensure your team administration is complete, up to date, and submitted on time
  7. PLAN YOUR PRACTICES - maximize use of the time available
  8. Follow the schedule, changes have a big impact to all arena users
  9. Be open to constructive criticism and assistance
  10. Head Coaches - Supervise your staff
  11. When correcting, find points to sustain as well as points to improve
  12. Read and understand the SHA Policy & Procedure Manual, review as needed
  13. Create a fun atmosphere that develops great kids into great adults that love hockey
  14. Head Coaches are accountable to the Division Director for their team in accordance with the rules found in the Hockey Canada Rule Book and SHA Policy Manual
  15. Head Coaches are responsible for the behavior, actions & activities of THEIR team.  Head Coaches should not consider their role superior or subordinate to any component of the game and work cooperatively to support a safe and fun activity for all participants including officials of any age


  • Teach your players the skills required to be effective hockey players and team mates
  • Grow as a great coach, community leader, mentor, and role model
  • Have fun!  This is a game, if it’s not fun for you, your players won’t have fun either